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Linda Troquille- President

Lindsay McFatter- Treasurer

Susan Sportsman- Secretary 



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How we became

 On the third story of a vacant car garage is where I laid my head to sleep, this is where the dreamstarted. I overcame homelessness and found my way, but what about those that feel they cannot escape the cycle? For those we reach, we can provide a sense of community, family, and more importantly a safe place to begin the process of repairing lost hope. With the big hearts of volunteers, our tiny homes will shelter our chronically homeless. The outpour of support has been amazing; I am truly blessed. If you want to be part of this amazing mission, please reach out.

Our mission

 With the big hearts of volunteers, tiny homes will  be built to shelter our chronically homeless. We are not ridding the world of  homelessness, but we are starting the conversation.


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